Glorious Gothic Capitals

We were very excited to have a tutor teaching us all the way from New York!

Barry Morentz actually attended one of our own workshops at Highnam with Rachel Yallop four years ago while he was over here doing research work. He is well known in the US for teaching his famous Pointed Modern Gothic script. On 20 March, he did a special workshop by Zoom introducing us to how Gothic Capitals are constructed and to ways of designing our own.  How exciting – especially as there are hundreds of models and it’s always difficult to fit capitals to lower case scripts. The idea of looking at his exemplars of variations and the building block marks was to have fun with our own versions of Gothic Capitals. This was not a lesson in exact historic copies. Go wild, dress them up – use gel pens or gold gouache to add sparkle. The capitals are great for those special cards when you need a bit of a jazzy style and bling. They can be matched up with more sober black (or other colours) gothic miniscules.

Work above by Jan Evans, Anne Marie Delaney and Sue Hodgkinson