Workshops are usually 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the 3rd Saturday in the month in the Gambier Parry Hall at the Highnam Community Centre. Any difference to these times will be indicated alongside the event.

18 January 2020

Andrew Morrison – Dynamic Sequences

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Andrew Morrisons's Litmus Book

15 February 2020

Nick Caulkin – Humanist Book Script

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humanist italic
Humanist Italic

21 March 2020

Adele Dark – Exploring Colour and Letterform – in the style of Matisse.

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Matisse Jazz

18 April 2020

AGM – Mini Bookfest – with a display by Stroud Artists Books

16 May 2020

Dee Howley Gibbs – Layering with Chunky Minuscules.

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20 June 2020

Gerald Fleuss – Introduction to Heraldic Design.

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