Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

GLA volunteers were in attendance all weekend at the festival, dressed appropriately in ‘authentic’ polyester habits, giving calligraphy demonstrations in the Heritage Crafts area. In sweltering heat and being on their feet all day wasn’t easy but our brave scribes encouraged onlookers to join the table and try a simple script. The people who took part were very interested in the writing technique and giving it a go. Hats off to Jean who manned the tent all weekend and to the rest of the volunteers.

We must mention Joanna, who was with an enactment group as a visitor and sat on the battlefield on the first day, but found us on the Sunday, and sat writing gothic calligraphy, which she demonstrates occasionally at the Birmingham Pen museum.  It  did add another dimension as we were busy with the small people making marks with their tools of choice, the adults were being shown the script of the period.