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Tissue workshop

Tutor: Alison Bennett

November 2008

Printing workshop


February 2010

Tissue workshop

The pictures in these galleries feature work produced by members during the workshops.


Plaster Cast Lettering workshop

Tutor: Celia Kilner

September 2009

Foundational workshop

Tutor: Dee Howley Gibbs

March 2011

Illumination & Counterchange workshop

Tutor: Tim Noad

September 2010

Islimi workshop

Tutor: Sylvie Goksuling

February 2011

Workshops are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm in Highnam Gambier Parry Hall and are open to all GLA members. As you can see we have been fortunate to have had a great variety of different skills and techniques to learn and practise.

See the Events page for the Workshop Programme.

If you have never been to a workshop why not give it a try. You will come away inspired!

Teeny-Weeny Writing workshop

Tutor: Mary Noble

May 2010

Text & Translation workshop

Tutor: Christine Oxley

June 2009

Printing Islimi workshop Printing Plaster Casts Text and Translation Illumination and Counterchange Teeny Weeny Writing Foundational

Contemporary Capitals workshop

Tutor: Jan Pickett

June 2011

Pointed Pen Uncials

Tutor: Joy Daniels

October 2009

Pointed Pen Uncials

Freeing-Up workshop

Tutor: Rachel Yallop

June 2010

Freeing Up

Brochure Binding workshop

Tutor: Tanja Bolenz

November 2010

Brochure Binding

Capitals: Texture, Pattern & Movement workshop

Tutor: Celia Lister

May 2011

Contemporary Capitals

Drawn to lettering workshop

Tutor: Helen Scholes

October 2010

Drawn to Lettering

Demystifying Rustics workshop

Tutor: Paul Antonio

November 2011

Impetuous Italics workshop

Tutor: Manny Ling

October 2011

Demystifying Rustics Italics

Skating on Thin Ice with Watercolour workshop

Tutor: Lin Kerr

January 2012

Skating on Thin Ice

A Modern Approach to Gothic Textura  workshop

Tutor:  Marion McKenzie

February 2012

Capitals: Texture, Pattern & Movement Gothic Textura

Resist Techniques workshop

Tutor:  Kathy Sedar

March 2012


Making a Palm-Leaf Book workshop

Tutor: Viva Lloyd

May 2012

Palm Leaf Books

Sue’s Roman Minuscules workshop

Tutor:  Susan Moor

June 2012

Sues Roman Minuscule

Mind the Gap workshop

Tutor:  Mick Paine

September 2012

Mind the Gap

Drawn Lettering workshop

Tutor: Jilly Hazeldine

November 2012

Drawn Lettering

Layout - Straight to Wavy workshop

Tutor:  Mary Noble

February 2013


Cut Letters and Embossing workshop

Tutor - Mark l’Argent

March 2013

Cut Letters Quirky Versals

Quirky Versals Workshop

Tutor: Nicola Dunn

September 2013

Present the Present workshop

Tutor:  Marion McKenzie

November 2013

Present the Present

Secret Belgian Binding workshop

Tutor:  Viva Lloyd

March 2014

Belgian Binding